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Our Process

Our design consultations happen in three phases:  

  • Phase 1 -  We come out to your home to learn more about you and your project.

  • Phase 2 -  We work on the designs/drawings and run the numbers.

  • Phase 3 -  We schedule an appointment for you to meet with your Sales Consultant at our showroom to learn more about ProBuilt,                       review the design in more detail, go over the corresponding quote and options available, and see the materials firsthand.

Phase 1 appointments are generally about 30-60 minutes long, depending on the size of the space, as well as details of the existing and potentially new space and how many questions you may have.  After the meeting, your Sales Consultant will bring the information back to the office and give it to your Design Consultant.


Using the pictures and measurements taken during the initial meeting, Phase 2 begins.  Your Design Consultant will design one or two concepts for your desired space and e-mail the floorplan(s) to you for your feedback.  With your notes, we'll be able to tweak the design to make it the ideal space for your home.  This is about a 2 week process, depending on the size of the space, number of design features, and amount of tweaks done to the design.

Once the design has been ironed out, we'll move on to Phase 3.  We'll set up a meeting with you and your Sales and Design Consultants at our showroom in Highland, where we will present the design, quote, options and upgrades available, as well as the materials we recommend for your space.  Showroom meetings are usually 60 minutes long, pending the size of the proposed project.  Because outdoor living spaces are a significant investment, Phase 3 is really important for Homeowners; being able to go over the quote in detail, seeing the materials firsthand and getting to know the people you would be working with at ProBuilt, we feel, are a vital steps in the process of getting a new outdoor space.  Contact us today to schedule Phase 1!

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